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Oxymovil Plus is a Compact and easy system designed to generate oxygen without further installation. Oxymovil gets the power from the electricity provided by the site or fish farm. Their robust design and easy transport, added to OXZO’s experience, maintenance and after-sales service, make these systems a versatile tool that allows them to be used in all types of environments and applications.

Its versatility and capacity, from 35 to 70 k/hour, allows it to be used as an oxygenation station for treatments, as well as environmental contingency, platforms, barges or land farm sites.

Main Features


    It is not required to take the unit to an oxygen plant to be refilled, therefore, the logistic costs are reduced, and the manipulation risks minimize.


    The unit has a frequency converter which makes the energy requirements at the start up moment to be nominals, saving capacity from the electric generator, therefore, energy.


    Oxzo counts with several in situ technicians, 24/7; guaranteeing technical service at all times.

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In situ oxygen availability

The unit generates oxygen in situ without being refilled as it is the case of cryogenic equipment, avoiding unit transportation and unnecessary risks associated to it.

“Oxygen at one click”

No oxygen loss

The system generates oxygen according to the demand; that’s why, there is no accumulation in cryogenic state. This implies that there are no losses due to evaporation compared to a standard Portacryo, cryogenic therm or tank whose net evaporation rate (NER) is 1.2% a day in case of new units and up to 3% in used units.

“The system generates oxygen according to the demand”

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