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Like our Oxymar® system, Oxymovil is programmed to register its actions every day, minute by minute and save them into our server, getting information of the system operation such as oxygen flow, dissolved oxygen level, operation pressure, etc.

The Oxymovil system can be operated remotely.


The system registers and stores the data in our server what permits to carry out remote monitoring of the variables and produce oxygen from distance.

Main Features


    Easy to install. Compatible with all types of fish farming sites.


    Built with components that provide higher durability to the system.


    It can be operated with a tablet remotely.


    Designed to produce 100 or 150 oxygen k/hour. Various systems can work in parallel.

Download technical information

Download file

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How does it work?

The system produces oxygen automatically according to predefined variables such as dissolved oxygen level, line pressure or working schedule.

Oxygen at one click

Oxymovil by means of set points determines the oxygen quantity to produce and the area or location where it has to be supplied.

It registers and stores your data for future analysis

Once the data are in the server, they are analyzed on our web platform which let our clients visualize them whenever is needed. We support the producer to get the correct oxygen use and optimize their production.

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