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Our diffusers are made with special materials for permanent operation and are designed with a double hose in order to compensate for pressure as well as ensure a uniform distribution of oxygen through the diffusion line.

The design and use of robust materials allows for the generation of a cloud of bubbles that ensures an optimal and immediate transfer of oxygen in the pen as well as an optimal environment for fish.

The diffusers have a high mechanical resistance and an optimal transfer capacity per unit area, making them ideal for applications with high oxygen demand such as treatment and harvesting. They are light systems with a great product life, are resistant to fouling, and are easy to install and maintain.

Main Features

  • Constant oxygen

    The diffuser’s constant flow per linear meter ensures homogeneous oxygen distribution.

  • Durable components

    Our units are built with materials to resist wear and tear as well as adverse weather conditions.

  • Uniform micro bubble size

    The micro bubbles are the ideal size to promote oxygen transfer.

  • Easy installation

    Our diffusors are designed for simple, fast assembly.

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