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Our installation and assembly personnel are in charge of installing and starting up the systems and components in farming sites as well as individual fish farms.

Installation typically consists of supplying and enabling various oxygenation lines through matrices and connections to the 02 network distribution boards in order to supply the pens and/or pools. The photovoltaic pillars are installed at the same time, which include our oxygen-level reading sensors that inform the equipment’s PLC.


We carry out disassembly operations to recover oxygen conduction lines installed in the production centers and/or fish farms in order to be reused at other sites.


We carry out the revision, checkup, and preventive maintenance of our oxygenation diffusers, photovoltaic equipment, oxygen-level sensors and HDPE line.


Our Team

Our professionals in production analyze the information and compare it with production results, supporting the producer in the efficient use of oxygen. We are in Chile, Norway, Canada and New Zealand with technicians available 24 hours a day.

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