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It’s utility coupled with the administration, maintenance, and after-sales service make OXZO a partner company at the service of the producer, allowing the customer to define the desired oxygen levels and fuel the system. The equipment can be used to optimize the production cycle or face environmental emergencies thanks to its dual mode of oxygen and air injection.

Oxymar is a patented system that adapts to customer needs, operates 100% remotely and is available in the following formats according to its capacity:  340, 450 and 600 kg/hour, though the system can be designed for higher capacities.

Main Features

  • Improves sanitary conditions

    A controlled environment helps to optimize the health condition of the fish.

  • Lower mortality

    Its production is increased by having stress-free fish.

  • Better growth rate

    Having an oxygenation concentration above 7.0 ppm stimulates appetite and accelerates growth.

  • Optimize the production cycle

    Online monitoring of all systems.

Download technical information

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The system allows to measure remotely and in real time, the oxygen levels of the water by means of optical sensors that are in the cage.


The system records and stores the data on our server, allowing remote monitoring of the variables and producing oxygen remotely.


Once the data is on the server, it can be retrieved for data analysis such as; Summary of oxygen injection, summary of historical oxygen levels of the sites and more.

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