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To guarantee optimal operation, the systems can be monitored by our technicians at all times as well as operated remotely, giving the user autonomy and independence from environmental conditions that may prevent entry to the farm.

All versions of our solutions have automatic pressure control mechanisms that deliver a continuous flow of air without variation. If a problem should arise, our monitoring system alerts us immediately, allowing for a quick and effective response.

Main Features


    Air flow capacity of 60 to 90 m3/min with specifications according to our client’s requirements.


    Systems have a remote start and monitoring so that they can be turned on from the habitable pontoon and from the Control Room.


    Electrical power is optimized through a frequency variation drive included in every unit.

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Our Systems


Air generation platform

Fully automated and remote platform, capable of producing large volumes of clean and dry air according to each customer’s requirements.

Airmovil D & E

Mobile and adaptable to the project at hand

Diesel or electric air generation and injection unit, which guarantees a clean and dry gas delivery. With a dew point of 3°C.


Modular air generation

This containerized, on-site air generator can be used at sea, on platforms, or on vessels.

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