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Our designs include containerized solutions (OXYMOVIL) as well as installations according to the site’s particular requirements. Our professionals design and size each solution to the client’s specific needs and operation.

Our technicians can monitor the status and daily operation of the systems in the field, and our control software is a powerful information analysis platform that allows the user to make decisions that enables, optimizes, and improves their production.

Main Features


    We’re with you every step of the way, from the planning and sizing to installation and maintenance.


    Our solutions range from containerized systems like OXYMOVIL and OXYMOVIL PLUS to facilities designed according to your fish farm’s specific requirements.


    We have a powerful information analysis platform that allows users to make decisions that optimizes and improves production.

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Our services range from design and sizing to the installation of oxygen and ozone generating plants with a focus on the wide product application.

Our engineering department boasts a staff of professionals across the discipline that provide comprehensive support at all stages of the project, from design and sizing to installation, training, monitoring and control, technical services, and maintenance. This allows us to deliver turnkey projects as well as improve systems already in operation. Moreover, our team of trained technicians offers fast and timely service. We have the knowledge and tools to identify and solve faults that systems present in the field.


We design ozone generation systems for tributaries and effluents and our applications are designed to be used in open-flow fish farming, reuse, or RAS systems. Our extensive knowledge of the market allows us to advise companies on particular designs and be laser-focused on their specific needs. Our professionals have extensive experience in the use of ozone and its behavior, and their solutions take all of the safety measures applicable to working with this type of gas as well as the online monitoring of the plant’s operation into consideration. We deliver turnkey solutions and optimize facilities that are already in operation. Moreover, we deliver training regarding the use of ozone and in management of the system.

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